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                Members of the hot virtual low basic drug system drug prices artificially high is more dangerous than

                2011, deepening medical reform has entered a new round of the established first stage of the "ending", the reform of public hospitals is still in a critical stage, and the construction of the basic drug system problems also began to gradually appear in urgent need of more in-depth adjustment and breakthroughs .
                Drug prices is essential drugs system is implemented in the most sensitive nerve. In the national essential drug system policy framework on essential medicines and complementary medicines unified bidding requirement is one of the most important parts. But more than a year since the system is implemented, the tender price for the controversy never seems to subside. In primary health care institutions complained to hold down prices, while pharmaceutical companies are complaining. In their view, the price of some essential drugs it is kept too low, and even more than the cost price. In fact, the provinces involved in the tender essential drugs pharmaceutical companies, from the beginning to feel the tender price pressure. And blindly virtual low price is likely to harm the quality and safety of drugs, after all, drug safety is the first one.
                So, in the end the price of essential drugs given how high? How to make the price of pharmaceutical companies and patients can accept? More than a year, does not seem to have an endowment answer.
                Therefore, the continuation of last year on the new medical reform focused on essential drug system, this year's "two sessions", the basic drug system to promote the process of bidding and purchasing the most realistic questions, on behalf of members continue to be the focus of heated debate.
                First Financial Daily: At the end of 2009 more than a year since the official start time, the production and supply of essential drugs now how? What feelings finalists supply business?
                National People's Congress, Zhao Chao Group CEO steps:
                Why the big companies in the bidding process of essential drugs continue to exit?
                We have more than 20 varieties of essential drugs varieties, but in the study of tender prices around, we finally decided not to participate.
                In fact, not only our industry in many large enterprises, in a simple and tender price after accounting costs are slowly suspended the supply of essential drugs, because the price can not do it, it is impossible to long-term supply, which is a not a normal phenomenon. If the cost of long-term supply of super, or is put on reducing materials, or is the long-term losing money supply, which is already a mature brand enterprises, are unsustainable practices.
                Especially in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, which, in the current tender prices down system, the emergence of the "either-drug medicine, he drugs non-drug" behavior, that is, from drug testing found that the same drugs, contain different ingredients.
                I'm more worried about the problem is that once the competition in the industry into a simple price competition, low violation cost small businesses, often in competition in the market for large enterprises create unfair competition, there will be bad money drives out good money phenomenon, over time, development of the industry will bring great harm.
                CPPCC member and Chairman Liu Columbine Pharmaceutical Innovation:
                National essential drug system is a system aimed at Pratt & Whitney, is from the national level to promote the livelihood projects, the problem now lies in the implementation.
                Frankly, at this stage of implementation of the national essential drug situation has led to the fragmentation of the base drug production, drug production is now basically a lot of mainstream business feel very confused, this is a good market and policy, but the reality super cheap bid price confusion, and indeed has an impact on restricting development of the industry is one of the important causes.
                Essential drugs in Anhui and Shandong bidding process, for example, 60 / bottle Danshen tablet is only 0.95 yuan, or even a bottle of beverage than anything on the market, so the price is to ensure adequate drug feeding and long-term quality and stability.
                Should think about that, why businesses knowing that prices have far exceeded the cost, and also into a low-cost competition, is not our tender system design need to fix the place, we very much hope that the Government will fully involved in the research.
                National People's Congress of Zhejiang KLT Group Chairman Li Dapeng:
                Zhejiang Essential Drugs List of Danshen injection pricing is based on the 1960s and 1970s, the standard set price levels; industry's well-known large infusion of irrational pricing, even lower than ordinary bottle of mineral water, these phenomena occur in saving lives medicine who is a very dangerous thing, over time, companies can sustain long, how can the quality is guaranteed.
                Enterprise development needs a good environment, especially the policy environment.
                National People's Congress, Henan Furen Pharmaceutical chairman Zhu Wenchen:
                Bidding platform must be low, this is a rule, but now the prices have been low to the enterprise can not accept, or even below cost price. In this case, if it is to this price as a guide, then how to ensure quality?
                In the bidding process, we particularly impressed, because the enterprise varieties, each time to do the bidding, generally there will be hundreds of varieties simultaneously participate in the bidding, in addition to essential drugs bidding, as well as non-essential drugs and Medicare drugs, often we have a Government Affairs forty to fifty people are busy all the work. Moreover, the drug after winning varieties actual production and distribution protection is a big problem.
                Daily: still under discussion in the community to hold down prices question, why this year's "two sessions" on behalf of members called for more government attention to "virtual drug prices low"?
                NPC Chairman Cai Dongchen CSPC:
                Now the only low-cost essential drugs tender is to take a direct result of the tendency is not normal "virtual drug prices low", in fact, in the industry, we all know very well that virtual drug prices artificially high drug prices is more dangerous than low because it causes drug unsustainable long-term development, affecting the supply of essential drugs, it is also hidden greater quality and safety risks.
                To ceftriaxone in the two provinces of Anhui and Shandong tender results, for example, Anhui price is 1.25 yuan, 1.22 yuan, Shandong in the price, which is the price of finished drugs. The price of the drug substance has been down 1,000 yuan per kilogram, the normal dispensing bottle is 1.1 grams, is 1.1 yuan, bottles 8 cents, Dingjijiaose 0.13 yuan, the rest of the paper, not all labels, the minimum cost had more than 1.2 million, according to how likely do down in price, but also how to ensure the supply?
                I think, the basic drug system itself is a manifestation of the concept of governance, is to let the majority of people enjoy the most basic health services. Drug first ensure its safe and effective, safety is the first one, valid is secondary. If the system becomes a blind bidding process lower prices, not value quality, just let the lowest price to enter, so obtained by low-cost medicines, the public and the pharmaceutical industry is not the most rational choice.
                National People's Congress, Henan Ling Rui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xiong Weizheng:
                Bidding completely rely on cheap drugs is not enough, but also very dangerous.
                We've done research, winning 60 / bottle fufangdanshen tablet price is 0.95 yuan, can it cost 3.59 yuan. We must ask, how can produce such products, so something serious breach of the law of value can rest assured to use it?
                NPC Chairman Li Zhenjiang Shineway Hebei:
                Countries to develop essential drug system is correct, we are also very support of this policy, but in every province tendering, our business is not just because the price advantage, by some small businesses rely on cheap robbed, and some can say is low at cost price to grab one.
                Our concern is that, over time, this approach will not only have an impact on corporate reputation will damage the credibility of the industry, but also pose a public health hazard.
                Daily: Why this year to the "two sessions" to submit suggestions and proposals, members of the tender on behalf of the Chinese medicine industry's views more focused?
                NPC, Hebei Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Li Xiaoen are:
                Nearly two years of hot money speculation in the Chinese herbal medicine market is very obvious, soared tenfold thirty-seven is not the case. But the drug also did not achieve national pricing linkage of raw materials, enterprises can only think of ways to maintain, the country has given a bottle of 100 tablets Salvia priced $ 6, but in fact only the cost of medicines has been in five yuan or so.
                Countries to develop drugs recommended upper and lower limits of reasonable bidding platform, improve basic research, scientific computing drugs at a reasonable price, what herbs on the market manufacturing cost much money, set up a platform for the tender price and reasonable guidance for this highly traditional Chinese medicine dependence of the raw materials industry, this point is particularly profound experience, demand more urgent.
                National People's Congress, Henan Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sun Yaozhi:
                TCM vicious competition is very serious to Liuweidihuangwan example, more than 2,000 nationwide in the pharmaceutical, half working on this product, similar varieties led directly to the most typical vicious competition is lower prices.
                In this case, the lower prices around the bid tender process even more worse. Chinese medicine industry is very particular about the medicinal origin and efficacy of different origin on the same kind of medicine prices may vary a few times. For brands, big companies can not blindly at the cost of this compression, but now the problem is that the tender prices, it has been far below the actual cost price, quality and efficacy of proprietary Chinese medicines are difficult to ensure that ethnic Chinese medicine industries and the protection of national culture will probably impact.
                National People's Congress, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group CEO Guan Yanbin sunflower:
                While the price is double the growth of Chinese herbal medicines, the other side is constantly bidding down drug prices, this situation has only two choices, either to lower drug feeding standards or quality standards; or is the initiative to give up, quit the industry. And if this situation does not change, will be intensified.
                Chinese herbal medicine planting a market economy, because the crop is now the preferential policies the government gave subsidies, the price is reasonable, so many kinds of herbs Yaonong past, are now changed to grain crops, which also led to growing herbs shortages, fewer and fewer wild resources.
                Drugs must have effect, in particular about the herbs in Chinese medicine industry, especially before cheaper drugs, if there is no effect, not only useless but also adversely affected by illness; Secondly, drugs is also a commodity, but also has its own reasonable prices.
                I suggested that the state should abide by and respect two properties of drugs, drug testing standards should be raised, and then release the price, to competitive prices. So as to promote the Chinese traditional medicine industry, healthy and orderly development. If you do not, it must be worse the more you use, the traditional pharmaceutical industry caused by the injury is very great, in fact, is now the case.
                Daily: So tender for cheap, what suggestions for improvement?
                CPPCC National Committee, China Pharmaceutical and Biological Products researcher Yue Bingfei:
                Formation of a scientific and rational drug pricing system is very important, competitive prices, but also to the rise in prices as there are some changes the amplitude, so as to reflect the true value of medicines.
                All along, the pharmaceutical industry have emphasized the drugs are a special commodity, in fact, from our technical point of view, it is a high-tech pharmaceutical products, in particular government departments can expect the formation of a scientific and reasonable price system, protect and promote our national medical development of the industry.
                National People's Congress, Henan Furen Pharmaceutical chairman Zhu Wenchen:
                I suggest that the price can not put limits some of the elements more attention, especially in the technical standards that one, can add some more stuff. In this regard, if the increase in something, a lot of companies can not shortlisted, if competitive bidding between large enterprises, then, at this price it will not unduly reported. We all go by the rules report, if every company can overcome technical standard, will not form the next round of vicious competition.
                View expert opinion
                Chinese medicine (17.15,0.03,0.18%) Enterprise Management Association in Matilda believes that the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, now is really a crucial time: "We need money, you need technology that requires talent, but we need it most is a good policy environment. "
                First, health care reform should focus on change "medical", three-year implementation of the five medical reform tasks to complete before the four very well. Now we are faced with the situation in the fifth task is to expand on a tough fight, and that is to solve the medical care, medical treatment is difficult problems which are of public hospital reform, institutions and mechanisms of change is the most fundamental change. To achieve victory reform of public hospitals, the most necessary measures first to separate management from operation, only the separate management from operation, deans and doctors are likely to become the subject of reform, glow greater enthusiasm, a diversified health care investments and competition will gradually built up.
                Secondly, the reform of the management of drug prices, hope that more use of market mechanisms to manage. For year implementation process in some cases, for example, bidding issues, we actively advocate policies to be implemented bottomed tender bidding. Instead choose the lowest price bid, to actively explore the development of health insurance coverage price, because health insurance coverage price is very conducive to the building of a new market mechanism measures.
                Finally, the scientific supervision, pragmatic. Supervision is necessary, strict supervision is our development needs, but also development. However, in the formulation of policies to strengthen supervision, must be pragmatic. I hope there are some policies more in-depth investigation and research, discussion, the problem may be found in the bud. For example, in the use of the drug safety supervision, the supervision of the production and circulation of the regulation, the regulation should synchronize important clinical use. Also be strictly of the current implementation of electronic medical product coding system, in any case it is an effective measure to promote safe, improves the efficiency of supervision role.

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